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Fitness Monitoring

Track your fitness progress and monitor your health with our cutting-edge equipment.

Our brand new Marina Boditrax (MBT) machine features the health and fitness technology which is taking the leisure industry by storm.  This medically approved personal profile analyser gives you an in-depth report into your body composition that can be tracked and monitored, either in the Club, at home or on the go.

Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you exercise. It analyses your potential based on your maximum heart rate and then creates bespoke targets just for you.  With a heart rate accuracy of over 99% used in conjunction with your personal body metrics, Myzone ensures that your calorie burning calculations are accurate and personal to you.

Both Myzone and MBT are fully integrated with our brand new Marina App, which means you can keep track of your progress quickly and easily, no matter where you are!

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