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Revolutionary new touchless disinfection system for Marina

23 November 2018

Sanondaf aims to increase standards of health and hygiene for businesses across the Bailiwick and already operates mobile disinfection services around the world.

They regularly service clients such as care homes, gyms, veterinary practices, boat owners and NHS trusts and are established in Malta, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico and the UK.   

Group Club Manager, Sean Mills explained:

“As centres of excellence for health and fitness, cleanliness and hygiene are incredibly important to us and our 3,000 members.  Investing in this new technology means we can provide our members with the highest standards of hygiene in the Channel Islands, further underlining our position as Guernsey’s premier health and fitness provider.”

The unique fogging technology kills over 99.99% of viruses and harmful bacteria such as MRSA, e-coli, influenza, salmonella and norovirus.

“The system works by filling a room with a dry hydrogen peroxide based fog,” said Sean. 

“Because the product is dry, it means it is completely safe to use on electrical equipment which cannot be properly cleaned with traditional methods.  The fog gets absolutely everywhere, disinfecting every surface it comes into contact with, and is 100% environmentally friendly as the chemical breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no harmful residues.”

The Sanondaf disinfection technology is being used at both the Marina Health and Leisure and Kings Premier Health Club sites.


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