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Get Ready for Phase 5!

19 June 2020

While we were fortunate to have been able to get many of our facilities up and running during Phase 4, the further easing of restrictions means that we will be able to open up all of our facilities to members once again and this now includes:

It is important that some of the good habits that we got into during Phase 4 will remain.  These will include members continuing to use the hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes on all equipment both before and after use.  Our enhanced cleaning and sanitisation measures will continue, including regular Sanondaf treatments to all public areas within the Club. 

We will also need to continue to keep an accurate record of who attended the Club and at what times, so it is important that you continue to sign in at reception.

We would like to thank you all for the support that you have given us throughout and in particular for observing the Club procedures and policies of the past three weeks.  Our collective actions have got us this far, and we look forward to embracing the next phase!

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