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Duty Manager Niall is in the winning team!

29 August 2020

There was success for Marina Duty Manager Niall Hollingworth at the inaugural Kings Summer Games, as together with his team, they proved to be the most versatile and consistent to win the overall trophy,

The Games took place on the 29th August and saw 6 teams of four compete for the overall prize.

Points were awarded based on performance over 9 events:

The overall winners were ‘The Laidbacks’ aka Niall, who was joined by Luke Rigby, Sara Collins and Keabetswe Jonas.  They were pushed all the way to the final round by all of the other teams who were competing and even after the 9th round, there wasn’t a clear winner, which made for a great competition!

The event was followed by a BBQ and prizegiving in the Kings Clubroom – and there was a real drive to make this an annual event from all involved – here’s to getting more Marina teams involved and to making a great event even bigger and better in 2021!

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